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Barbra Gordon & Dick Grayson
Batgirl & Nightwing
Young Justice

"Target sighted at 3:00 o’clock. Okay, look natural."

"Well in that case…"

"I swear, Grayson, if you don’t remove your hand from my waist in about 3 seconds…"

"What? We need to look convincing."

"Oh, you think you’re so charming."

"You seemed to think I was pretty charming last night.”

I just really want a covert mission. And more Dick/Babs interaction. These two deserve more love.

make a tim/steph one as well, please? <3 

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Happy Birthday, Shin ♥♥


Happy Birthday, Shin ♥♥

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From Batgirl: Year One
Written by Scott Beatty & Chuck Dixon
Art by Marcos Martin & Javier Rodriguez

Don’t challenge Batgirl. You will only make it worse.

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Wanted to do an AU where Bruce loses the family fortune when his parents pass, but still goes down the road of vigilantism… 

So how would the fight be without all the money and technology?

Also Dick looks ridiculous I really couldn’t figure anything out for him…

There was a point where he wore leggings and jogging shorts though….

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— by ふか
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Diana, Zatanna, and Barbara hit the town [x]

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Oracle is getting real tired of your bullshit.

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New52 Batgirl!!

This costume was a monster to construct but I am so proud of it.
I am equally as proud of these amazing pics taken by Pireze

Costume made and worn by me Breathless_ness / DA / FB
Photography by Pireze / DA / FB

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Couple has really awesome Batgirl/Nightwing wedding cause they’re awesome.


Well, I just don’t think this can be beat.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Nice ideas. Looks pretty awesome.

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Injustice Game Plays Up The Killing Joke in Batgirl Reveal

As if the game shouldn’t already come with a mini-refrigerator due to its brutal murdering of Lois Lane, we now have this intro video of Batgirl that shows her being shot in the pages of The Killing Joke.

No, I’m serious. Really.

Because no one ever, ever has ever thought to have Barbara Gordon and the Joker face off again. 

Because Barbara Gordon is all about getting shot by the Joker. Let’s forget whatever other skills she may have.

Because you couldn’t just have her beat the shit out of the Joker ‘cause, oh I don’t know, he’s a bad guy.

Nope, let’s keep showing that flying coffee cup from a story which is dangerously close to torture porn. 

Let’s keep showing that blood stain on her skirt.

Because you really need this motivation for a game which involves superheroes beating the shit out of each other. Superman can’t be just crazy. He has to kill his wife and baby. Batgirl can’t just be an ass kicker. We have to relive the decision to “cripple the bitch”.


There is nothing in this game done tactfully, did you expect different for Barbara? At least we didn’t get her come onto screen in a wheel chair and then have some sort of Robotic legs to stand in. I am just glad they have the character at all. She missed out on the love of Batman Arkham City (Well any Batgirl as Barbara is already Oracle in Arkham Asylum.) I’m happy we get half of the Batfam there. All they need is a Robin, Red Robin and Red Hood DLC.

Yes its tacky, yes its stupid that she cant just beat-down the joker or Bane. I agree. Lets also be happy she has the chance to be introduced to a larger audience.

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Batgirl will be a playable DLC character for the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Sometimes I reblog things for someone I live in the same house as. She is literally in the next room. Who needs real conversation anyway?

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Something a little cartoonier than usual, but I had to draw fanart of the awesome Batgirl, Inc. character redesigns after I sat down and took some time to really go through the archive and admire all the hard work that’s being put into the project. The people putting this together are the greatest!


Holy CRAP thank you so so much! It’s gorgeous! Look at this everyone!

I like how even the symbols are slightly personalised.

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